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Oriental event service Orient Carnival takes you and your fellow travelers into an adventure to the fabled orient in the time of maharajas and sultans. Arrive on a magic carpet ride to the miraculous parties of castles and palaces of which songs are still sung and stories still told. The views are as if they would be straight out of stories told by Scheherazade in One thousand and one nights.

Our method is to create an oriental theme party as an authentic experience. The high level of service is guaranteed with our professional staff of lighting and staging technicians with experience from real parties in India. The parties are fit for guests from 50 up to 500 people. We work from the Uusimaa area in Southern Finland.

The party tent is built using unique hand made staging fabrics, lanterns and elements. There are over 100 different fabrics and together they form over 700 square meters of fabric-area. The tent can be built according to the size of the party to nearly anywhere like inside ballrooms and halls as well as parks or gardens. With the right lighting techniques even the smaller details can be brought out and the atmosphere can be adjusted to match your own wishes and visions.

For musical needs and to accompany a joyful get-together we recommend an authentic Indian orchestra. For program numbers we recommend different dance performances and if you need mesmerizing atmosphere we recommend staggering fire shows, skilled dancers and jugglers to create the perfect program for the party. Orient Carneval does not employ the performers but if you need help with the programming we can provide you with a full program or just contact information for skillful performers. Or you can just arrange your own program and performers.

”Oriental Pirates” are sea-themed parties staged on a three-mast sailboat built from colorful fabrics and other elements. Like the party-tent the sailboat can be built in different sizes to fit into different party spaces. The party is always tailored to your needs and wishes so you can rent just the tent or the ship or order a full package with performances and programming. Let your imagination fly!

Black Light Workshop is based on the shimmer of black light and multicoloured strings that are used to build a three dimensional, geometrical installation. It is done with the help of and instructor in groups of 2-5. The workshop is fairly simple, but quite compelling and the results are visible soon after starting. The work shop has therefor been very popular among children and youngsters. The workshop can easily be adapted to different themes and lessons.